Purveyors of the very best of Australia’s rare, luxurious and desirable ultra fine wool textures.
We promise uncompromising quality.

Finer than cashmere, finer than pashmina and comparable to silk…

Jemala garments are the height of luxury, made from extremely rare ultrafine wool. Best worn next to the skin, Jemala feels finer than both cashmere and pashmina and does not cling like silk. Wearing a Jemala garment or accessory is a sensual experience. Jemala must be felt to be believed! We have registered “Ringshawls®” as a trademark, because Jemala shawls will easily pass through a wedding ring;. As such, they represent a sustainable alternative to Shahtoosh, the legendary shawls from Kashmir, which have been banned by CITES. Jemala sweaters are classic in design and are the height of luxury. They outperform and outlast cashmere and pashmina and are much warmer than silk.

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JEMA presents Jemala

The Golden Fibre®This luxurious fibre is grown in Australia at Gill familys Jema Merino Stud in central Victoria. In 2002, this unique yarn was awarded a world record for creating the finest bale of wool.
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